Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tuesday 12-20-05

I may play poker tonight before I go to bed. I do alot better with SNG's and I am going to stay with it and try to improve on my game with that.

This morning when I got up and was ready for work I looked to see if any of the Currencies had been purchased. Both the EUR/USD and the GBP/USD were in motion. The EUR was at 65 pips already and the GBP was at a -25 pips. I watched it for a while and the GBP went to the stop of -30 pips and stopped out. I watched the EUR and it started to move back and when it hit 60 pips I went ahead and closed the trade. I hate to give up pips when they are there. Today I ended up with a 30 pip profit. This evening I was looking at the information on the Currencies and the EUR went down another 40 pips and the GBP is at 20 pips if I would have been able to stay in. I have gone ahead and purchased a short on the GBP since it is supposed to drop further by morning. I am going to stay out of the EUR since I did make some good pips on it. I will reset the EUR when I receive my numbers tonight. Enjoy humpday tomorrow.

I ended up playing in a SNG this evening and placed 2nd. Played well in the early rounds and was able to hold on till the end. I was getting the hands I needed to be able to see a flop and see what everyone was going to do. In the end it was playing more aggressive and hopefully the hands were there. In the end the other guy had the hand to take me out. Another good day at the tables. It's a good day anytime you place and get some money.

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