Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today is one of those somber days. Where were you at on September 11, 2001? So many families lost loved ones. It is so sad to go back to the stories. So many kids as well growing up without their Dad or Mom. I wish all of the families peace today in their hearts.

I was so unsure about what I was going to do on Saturday. I had two tournaments and a cash game that could have taken my time. Instead what happened was I didn't sleep well Friday night and ended up not going to NorthernQuest this month. I didn't even go to Islands to play in the tournament that was by invite only. I felt that I was so tired that I took a small nap on the couch and didn't do a thing. I guess that answered all of the questions from Friday.

Now we are beginning a new week and it seems they just keep getting busier as the weeks go by. I will be studying for the Tax class and spending my mornings at the Island Casino playing the cash game and then at least the first tournament of the day.

The contractor came over yesterday and started working on our roof.

As you can see far right is what he was working on because we had lost a lot of shingles due to the wind. Time to get it repaired before winter. The part on the left is being taken care of this week and the front part will get a complete new roof. I will show you when it is complete.

I walked out to the car yesterday and noticed this from our neighbors garden and had to take a picture of it to show them.

It is so pretty and I noticed today it was already shriveling up. If you don't catch it the one or two days that it is open you will miss it for the year.

Today I am watering the back yard and will study chapter 4 in the Tax book. I will be going to a job fair tomorrow to meet some tax people from the company that owns the one I am taking my courses through. I believe you call this networking. Hopefully I can land a job with them or the one I am studying with.

Have a good week.....

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