Thursday, September 29, 2011

Can't stop this train....

Why is it that the days keep going faster? So many things to do and so little time given to achieve all the things I need to do.

I have been playing quite a bit of poker as usual for the week. I have been doing a couple of hours per day of Live Cash and then will play two tournaments around the cash play. It does get hard at times to switch your play between the two different strategies. Right now though the Casino is offering Freerolls and adding $200 into the pot. Can't pass that opportunity up.

I am waiting for the FBI background check to be completed and then will start working at the casino. This is exciting as I haven't worked since January 2010. Working as a Floor Person and as a dealer will be fun. Can I handle the individuals that are over intoxicated? I hope so. I can keep my semi-retirement since I will only be working a parttime status. That is alright with me since I am still taking care of my parents.

I hope someday I will have the opportunity to travel around and play at different casinos with their cash games or tournaments. Just getting a small motorhome and getting out would be great.

Today I had the opportunity to try Sushi. A good friend helped me with the tasting and guided me towards the better sushi to try out first. I must say it was a success. I started with the California Roll and then tried the Shrimp and then moved on to the Salmon Sushi with seaweed. A different taste but was good. I will definitely be eating it again.

Today I have been thinking it was Friday. No, it is Thursday. I set up my computer to watch the live game at the Bike Casino and it was offline. What is the problem? The live event takes place on Tuesday and Friday. Great, so what is tomorrow? Another day to play poker.

Don't you get tired of listening to the same excuses for our stock market and what it is doing? Every day it is either up or down because of Europe and they can't decide what to do with their economy problems. Why don't we just take care of our issues and quit worrying about theirs. Ok, I need to leave politics out of this blog.

What else is going on? Full Tilt Poker and their ponzi scheme. What about regulation of online poker and that would solve that issue. It is amazing how many poker pros are leaving the US to play in other countries. You watch, something will be done about those as well.

Ok, I am off to bed and will be working on sleep. Have a good day.....

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