Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chasing my Tail

I have been very busy since Monday. I have been playing poker and trying to keep up with the Tax class. Today things changed.

I was told that I could join a Poker Dealer class that was going on at the local casino. The Poker Manager and I had talked about working there and being able to help the dealers and him do their jobs. I would be able to learn the dealing aspects as well as helping in the poker room at the sign up area as well as being responsible for the chips and money to the players and tables.

I was given the application and started attending the class on Tuesday and on Thursday we had the final meeting with questions and we now will put in some hours after we get our licenses.

I went down to the Police Department today and got finger printed and will pay for the license tomorrow. At that point there will be a 10 day waiting period and then I can start working in the poker room. This has moved very fast for me. I will be working parttime and that is fine with me. Having fun in a job with the game I enjoy will be great. All of the dealers are very nice and very helpful.

I have been playing the live cash game and have done well the last couple of days. Tournament play is a complete different story. Of course these are Freerolls and this brings out people that don't understand how to play and are learning. It is good to have new faces learning the game. I can see that you have to play the cash games to keep going. That is where the money is and you have to tap into that. I have been staying away from the big game though. Not ready yet to try my hand at them. Now I can watch them play and work at the same time.

Feels great to be putting in long days again.

Have a good Friday......

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