Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Playing the Game

I have been playing the game the last couple of days. I get up and get myself ready and drive to the Island Casino. When you walk into the
casino you better have your sunglasses off. The lights are low except
over the tables.

I have gotten so I like a certain seat at the table when I sit down. I
like to be able to see the action and I usually don't like being on the button right off the bat. We get about 5 or 6 people in the morning who like to come in and have their coffee and play some $1-$6 Limit Spread
and not have to worry about putting in a big buyin. In fact you can
even have breakfast comped by playing in the game. I haven't tried that yet.
I usually eat before I take off in the morning.

We play for about an hour and we sit around and talk. Basically about nothing but it is fun trying to get the Monte Carlos during the hour.
We try to crack the aces if we can and we work on getting the high hand
for the morning time. This gets us ready for the Tournament that gets started right after we get done.

On this day I was doing well. I even got to the final table and this was what my chip stack looked like.

I went out in 8th place this day with my two pair loosing to a full house. Just another day playing the game I enjoy.

Took a drive north of town the other evening and this is what I saw.

It really looks like it is coming up out of the sand. It is close to the river where they take the sub nuclear power plants to their final resting spots. This thing is huge. Can you imagine what the rest of the submarine looks like? I would love to get inside the tower and look around.

Have a good day.....

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