Saturday, September 17, 2011

House Update

I went out to my truck yesterday to head off to the Casino and the truck had a hard time unlocking with the key fob. I finally got into the truck and put the key into the ignition and turned the key and nothing happened. What is this?

The truck has a security thing and it has been a long time since I had this activated against myself. The truck has a fuel line shutdown. I end up waiting about 15 minutes and then I can get it started. This time it wouldn't start.

I called the GM dealership and they told me to try and jump start the truck and if that worked then it was the battery. He said the batteries are only supposed to last about 5 years. Ok, I will go with that.

I jumped started the truck and it ran for a little bit and would even restart when I turned it off. Waited about 30 minutes and tried it again and it wouldn't start. Ok, I will need to get a new battery. My truck is a 2004 and I got it in 2006 so I am sure it is the original battery.

Went to the parts store and purchased a battery and I couldn't believe the cost of this battery. Can you believe $133 for this thing. I guess if you work it out over 5 years or more it isn't that bad but right now it is atrocious. At least the truck works.

The new roof on the house is coming along well. Here is the picture of the after.

I feel pretty good about having this done. Now I will start working on sanding the trim and getting it painted. The big job will be the house but one thing at a time.

I will be working on my Tax class tomorrow and then back to the grind of poker starting on Monday.

Have a good weekend......

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