Monday, September 12, 2011

Poker Monday

I got up early today and got myself ready to head out for the first day of Freeroll poker at Island Casino. Today the live cash game started at 9AM instead of 9:30 and I wanted to get there to see if we had any new players.

When I got into the poker room I noticed they put new table tops on each of the tables. Talk about slick. The cards and chips where just flying across the table. You had to be careful. We ended up with 6 players today. After having a good couple of weeks playing live at the $1-$6 level I am not having a good time right now. Got to figure out how to get this turned around.

The first Freeroll had a $200 house added. Played really well for a bit and then lost some hands and went out. That was the first one. I went over and played some more live cash and waited for the next freeroll to start. This one started with T$1500 and for $3 you could add T$1000. I started off really good and got from 30 players down to 20. The hand I should of played was two players going allin and I was sitting on AJ. Did I want to play for my tournament life with that hand. I decided with two players already allin I would fold. One turned up A4 and the other KQ. The flop came out with Ax4 with x on the turn and the J on the river. I could have taken out 2 players and had a monster of a stack. From that point on I was not getting the cards and finally went out with QJ ad got trip Jacks and the other player made trip Aces.

Overall it was a good session and will build from this. I will hopefully have some good news soon to share with everyone. I might have a new job. Got to keep low key about it for now. Not too high or not too low.

Our neighbor has been having a problem with mushrooms in his yard. I see him out in the yard digging through the grass to try and get rid of them. They are gone for the week and this is what I saw the other day.

I know he will not be happy when they get back home at the end of this week.

Need to do some studying with the taxes.

Have a nice day tomorrow......

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