Monday, September 19, 2011

Busy Monday

It was a busy day today. I got myself out the door this morning and drove over to Island Casino to begin the day.

I sat down to play some live cash at $1-$6 limit spread. I must say I have been having a downtrend in my play and need to try and rectify whatever it is I am doing wrong. My reads are not working. Either that or I am trying too hard to win and am over compensating for it when I think I have the cards.

I played two tournaments today as well. Since tournament play was what got me started in poker I feel very comfortable sitting down and playing my strategy. I understand you are not going to win very many tournaments but getting to the final table is always the goal.

I did make the final table in one of the tournaments today and bubbled the other one. I do get myself close and know that I can get there if the cards go my way or I make the proper decisions.

I am constantly trying to make new and inexpensive meals for dinner time. I watch food videos and if there is something that catches my eye I will try to recreate it. Tonight was something that I have been thinking about and here is what I made.

What I did was take one of the Ramon Noodle packages and cooked the noodles as it says on the package. I did not put the beef broth in. I then cut up some Scallions, Celery and Sprouts. I put these in with the Noodles and let them warm up together. I put some Soy Sauce into the mix so they would soak up the Sauce. Next I took the chicken breast and cut it into pieces. I put them in flour and made sure they were well dusted and fried them. I bought a jar of Sweet and Sour Sauce and put some of it into a fry pan and turned the heat up to thin it out a little bit. When the chicken pieces were done I moved them into the Sauce and made sure they were coated nicely. That was our meal for the evening.

Always looking for something new and easy.

Coming up tomorrow the roof will be inspected by the city. It looks good and I am pleased with the outcome.

Have a nice day......

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