Saturday, September 24, 2011

Change of Plans

I have been giving it some thoughts on what I am going to do during this next phase of working and playing in poker.

I am going to change my requirements for starting in the live games. What I am going to do is start Monday with $25 in the $1-$6 Limit Spread game. Now if it grows I will continue to play and build the bankroll. If for some reason I loose the $25 on Monday then I will be done for the week. I will then start the next Monday with $25 and work at it again. This will give me the incentive to play appropriately if I am wanting to play the entire week.

The Tournaments I am not going to make any changes in what I am playing at this time. If I am working on the floor then I will not be playing. This will cut my tournament play down for the week but that is fine.

I turned in the application yesterday and now I wait for 10 days for the response. Is it nail biting time? I don't feel so. I don't know what would be out there that would keep me from working in the casino.

Dealing with my parents issues are starting to ramp up a bit. Mom isn't doing well and making sure Dad stays inform. There is always something going on and we will make sure they all get taken care of.

Have a nice weekend........

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