Sunday, October 02, 2011

Revolving Door

Actually it is not the revolving door but the revolving sisters. One of my sisters came into town on Wednesday and she departed with her family on Thursday afternoon. It was three hours later that my youngest sister came into town. The reason for the visits was to visit our Mom and Dad. It is nice to have them come into town and visit with them when they can. Since I had the sisters here I decided not to play any poker on Thursday and Friday. I am anxious to get back to the tables and start up the new month. This next week I will work on the cash game and see if I can build that bankroll up where I would like it to be. I am only going to give myself a certain amount each week and try to build it up slowly. Playing in the $1-$6 Limit Spread game is better than playing in the bigger games right now. The only issue I have at the smaller limits is the fact people do not want to fold and will call all the way down and then you have to be worried about someone catching a card that will hurt you. These two days off also gave me a chance to do some catchup on stuff I have been letting slide. I also went down to the Bus Transfer station here in town. I talked to one of the bus drivers and she gave me the Transit System Guide. In this guide is the complete listing of all of the bus routes in the Tri-City area. I did find one of the buses that goes by the Casino I play at. This is not a bad idea since I am using quite a bit of gas daily going to the casino and back. I could help myself by riding the bus and when I am done I can pick up the bus and come on home. The only down side to this is not being able to stop and visit my dad when I am done for the day. The cost of riding per month on the bus is $22 and the cost of gas is $200. Even if I ride the bus half of the month I can save gas. Now that I am not taking the tax class anymore I will start studying more in the poker books. I am reading three books right now. One from Annie Duke, Jonathan Little and Elky Grospellier. They are all very good books and very much into the present. I need to soak in what they are trying to get across in their books. Here we are into October and the weather is starting to turn a little bit colder. Have you noticed the sun going down early as well? Let's hope everyone has a good week at the tables.......

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