Monday, October 03, 2011

Poker Time

This is the first day of the new month and my new strategy to play poker.

My goal for the first week is to play short stack and see if I can make it work. I would take $100 and divide it up and once I was down $25 I would not play again for the week. As long as I was up I would keep going. After this morning session I ended up down $7 from my starting stack of $25.

I started talking with one of the players after the live game and we talked about the amount of money we put on the table. You have about 6 people putting up $20 to $25 and a couple of people that play $40 to $100. I understand the variance of playing with a bigger stack. When I play $3-$6 I will always start with $100 since I will drop before I start to build the chip stack. We thought we might need to start with more on the table to counter the variance.

Tonight I went back for the tournament and played in the live game before the tournament started. I put $40 on the table and tried to work with that amount. On the next to last hand of the night I got Quad 4s. That moved me up +$10 for the day. So, my month of October total is $110. I am thinking I may need to put more on the table. I am also hoping my Quad 4s will hold through the evening and I will make some money as the high hand for the session. I will find out in the morning if it held. I will add that to my total as well for the month.

I have been asked to attend the staff meeting tomorrow. We are waiting for the license and then I can start working. I am rather excited to get started.

I am putting in some study time with Annie Dukes book. I started reading it a few weeks back and decided to start over and take some notes. I need to work on my tournament skills. First off I have to make proper decisions when I am at the table. Second I need to work on playing when I am in position. The third chapter is on raising and will work on that chapter tomorrow. Right now this is all Pre-flop. I will take what I have learned and incorporate this into my game.

Tonight it showed some improvement by almost making the final table. I haven't done that in a while so if I work on each section as it comes in the book by the end I hope I am back in the winners seat.

Have a good day......

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