Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My First Day

Today was the first day back to work in over a year and a half. Getting up early this morning and getting dressed for work felt nice for a change. I didn't know what was in store for myself but it was feeling good to get ready to go to the Casino.

I usually get up and head off to the casino to play in the cash game and then play the tournaments. Today was different. I did get to sit down for about thirty minutes and play a few hands of the Live game. Walked away adding to my BR with $20.

Next came the tournaments. I helped set up the tables and get the room ready. I then sat at Table 4 and welcomed the players. All of the players were very helpful in making sure I was able to get all of my stuff done during the hand and even helped make sure the chip counts were correct when having to split them up. I can tell I will need to work on that part of my game. I will be working on my speed of the game and making sure I get the routine down.

I ended up at table 1 for the final table when the tables were broken up for the last two tables. I took it down until they decided to split the pot with the 5 remaining players.

Tournament two then began and I was seated at Table 1 for awhile and then when it got down to 2 tables I was then moved to Table 2 and finished out the tournament there till the final table was decided. Cleaned up the tables and put things away and was then sent home for the day.

For me it was a good day and will be ready to start up again tomorrow. Very friendly people and the dealers are willing to help the newbies. I feel like I am part of the working class again. Maybe I will start to sleep better at night after working at something during the day.

Have a good evening.....

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