Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Second Day

I was tired after working the first day and I did sleep alright last night. I got up this morning and was a little bit sore. I don't know why I was sore but I would guess I used some muscles that I hadn't used in awhile. Either way I was ready to go for my second day on the job.

I got to the casino and started helping to get the tables all set up for the day. We started seeing quite a few more people than yesterday and we did end up using the fifth table. Having this many people will more than likely extend the tournament just a little bit longer than the hour and a half when the next tournament was due to start.

We do go from one tournament right into the next tournament and in between those we have a live cash game going. It does get busy.

I know my learning curve is going to be a fast one and I want to do the best I can. Today I had 5 all ins at the same time for a different amount of chips. I ended up calling the floor over to help me figure it out and we actually made it through. I am wanting to get through this area and learn how to do the proper thing in getting the pots correct for the individuals that are all in.

After this was done I had one of the individuals offer his time to sit next to me to give me pointers on how I could make the dealing better on myself. I really appreciated him spending the time with me and it did help. I am hoping I will get to the point of making it second nature to myself and having fun at the same time. I feel I will get to the point of the game slowing down in my mind so I can keep it fun for the players and myself.

During the second tournament I saw some stuff happen with the players that disturbed me. The players were not happy that the tournament was taking so long and were taking it out on the dealer. This was not good and it wasn't fair that this was happening in a FreeRoll. This carried through even after the tournament. Things that were said by the individuals. It was bad enough that two of the players out of three did not pay tips to the dealers that spent their time dealing this game for them.

I must say I am tired again tonight. I have another day to go before I have a day off on Friday. I will be working on the weekend so we will see how it will go and how busy it may get. Got to keep learning.

I did get to play some live cash today and increased the BR another $5 for the time spent. I am not getting to play as much as before but will take any time I can get. I will be playing in a tournament tomorrow night. This will be the dealers playing against each other. Should be fun to let off some steam against each other.

Have a good day.......

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