Saturday, October 29, 2011

Time Off

I showed up for my shift on Thursday evening and there weren't enough players to have six dealers on the floor. Since I am the new dealer I do expect to be sent home if I am not needed. I am alright with this.

What I don't expect to have happen is a dealer being rude or commenting about it in a joking manner. I am fine with playing and not working the tables but don't be rude.

I showed up to work this morning and we didn't have enough players for five dealers so I offered to go home instead of staying there. The manager offered to pay us even if we didn't have all the players but I just can't see that being good. Oh well, I am fine with coming home and I will deal with the other dealer later. Everyone has been fine with me coming on as a new dealer but for some reason I think he feels like I am taking hours from him.

I will work tomorrow evening and was asked to stay a little bit later so we will see what happens. Before I left the manager asked me to come in on Monday and be him. Does that mean I open? This will be interesting.

I have a table set up in our back bedroom and I have been practicing the all-in math. That seems to be the area I need the most work. I will keep plugging away and doing my best.

Went to the Dentist yesterday. Meds are so nice that I don't have to remember I was even there. I took my medication on Thursday evening and woke up at 3AM so decided to take another. At 6:30 it was time to get ready to go so I took another one. Next time I won't take three of them for the visit. Way too much.

Have a good weekend everyone.....

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