Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One More Day

I had Monday off and I was able to do some errands. I am getting into more of a routine now since it has been just about three weeks since I started working at the casino. I am basically working the Freerolls during the mornings and into the afternoon. I do have two evenings out of the five days and they are the freerolls as well.

Tomorrow will be my first paycheck from the casino. As I said before it has almost been two years since I received a paycheck from working for someone. Isn't it strange how we get accustomed to selling our time for money and when we don't have that coming in you have to come up with other ways to keep going.

I am getting more comfortable with dealing. I still miss the time playing the game and I am sure at some point I will be able to go back to what I was doing. I really enjoy the live cash game more than the tournaments and will put my efforts at playing more of that as the time goes on. I am able to play live while at work when they need someone to fill a seat to keep the game going. So for now that is where I am getting my poker time.

I was able to play in a tournament today. I enjoy playing in this $25 tournament since you have the players that understand what is going on. I didn't get as far or deep as I would like. I tried to play my premium hands and kept getting taken off of them by someone re-raising my hands. Sometimes I wonder if they are doing it to see if I will fold. I did play with QQ and the board came with 5 spades and we ended up chopping the pot and then I got KJ only to run into KQ and the board end up showing both a KQJ. Just not my day.

This week I will be going to the dentist. I am not looking forward for that but I do have medication that I can take that will help me get through the chair time. Hopefully they won't find anything wrong with my teeth. Get the cleaning done and then see them again next year.

Have a fun day......

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