Thursday, October 27, 2011

Alcohol and Poker

After a day of dealing cards I was asked to be the backup for the evening session. I said yes and showed up for work.

Today was a little bit different in that it was one of the dealers 40th birthday and everyone was celebrating. I know it was a birthday but to sit and watch poker being played with alcohol being consumed was hard to watch.

I am sure the hangover today was massive and will probably need some time to recuperate.

The morning session of live poker went well for me. I ended up at $29 profit. When I came back for the night session I ended up giving $25 of it back. Just couldn't catch the cards in the evening session. I then signed up for the tournament which was a rebuy tournament as well.

I started out just about playing anything because the birthday boy was at my table. I ended up going all in with 77 and they got beat. Rebuy time and I was moved to a different table. This is when I decided to get to work playing poker like I know how. I started out doubling up and continued to increase my chip stack. In the end I made it to the final table and we all decided to chop the pot at 5 players. It was a nice little profit of $82 for about 3 hours of playing time.

Friday I am off and will be at the dentist early in the morning. Not looking forward to it but this is something I need to keep up with. It is nice that he has decided to give me some meds to make me feel better during the procedure.

Have a nice day....

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