Friday, October 14, 2011

Down Day

After working three days in the casino I have Friday off. I will be working over the weekend and my next day off will be Monday.

What did I do on my off day?

I took both of vehicles down and had the oil changed. They were both due and I wanted to get both done today. That took most of my morning. I also changed out the headlamp in our car as well. I figured that would take me awhile since I am not a mechanic and working on some of these cars is a nightmare. It turned out easier than I thought and had this done in less than an hour. What a mechanic, pat myself on the back.

The afternoon was left to go pick up my Dad and take him to see my Mom. We hadn't been there in over a week. We were sick last week and then I ended up working the three days in a row so we had to wait till I had the day off. It worked out alright and we got to spend some time with her.

After I got home I put out my poker table and spent some time going over the all-in situations and how I need to do the individual stacks. I went over this a few times with different chip counts to make sure I was sure of myself. It is different doing it here and having to do it under some added pressure and time. Everyone wants to get it done now. I just need to learn and get it done. I just can't have everyone talking at me while I am trying to figure it out.

Now I am going to relax a bit and watch some live cash poker on Live@thebike and then will probably head to bed after reading some more of my "Bluff" magazine.

Have a fun weekend......

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