Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hard Times

It has been a few days since I have updated. I have been real busy working at the Casino. Even my worst days I am able to do something that I enjoy.

Yes, I have been very happy but also feel the stress of being a dealer and listening to people complain about my dealing. Ok, I need to get some thicker skin. I have solved my issue with the speed of dealing. I had some good people talk with me and explain that shuffling without looking would be good and keeps the game going. I guess it is multi tasking that is important.

My next issue is the all-ins. I don't have any issues with 2 players but when I get 3 or 4 going all in with different amounts then that is an issue. I am working on this and will keep at it. Right now I am dealing the freerolls and that is where I am learning. Patience for me as well as the players.

Saturday night was very frustrating for me and I shouldn't have been dealing this game. I got myself dealing the final table and things just got worse. I had a drunk person and another person that kept saying hurry up and deal. Hard to hurry up when you had to explain to the drunk girl how to play and what to do. This was her first time I understand. Didn't help me any. I was replaced at the table finally and was able to go home. I was very, very frustrated and stressed by the time I was done.

Tonight was the best night I have had yet. People were fun and very patient with me and they even told me to just relax and deal. I am also getting known to not help the winning hand at the beginning. They are saying that I "deal them dirty". If your all in with the winning hand don't expect me to help you out. Tonight I broke AA and others with better hands by the river. Maybe this is my revenge for those that aren't nice at the table.

I haven't played much tournament and I have sat in on some live play. Easier to do the live play since it helps to fill up a table and keep a game going. I did well on Saturday just being patient and waiting for hands and not chasing anything. Tonight not so much.

This week is my first paycheck in almost two years. You talk about excitement. It won't be much but still it is a paycheck. I am working on my bankroll so that I will be able to continue playing at some point. It is slow growing but I have to be patient and keep working on my goals.

Have a good week.......

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