Sunday, October 16, 2011

Double Shift

I went to work at the casino on Saturday morning. Sometime during the two tournaments I was asked if I would come back and work the second shift. Knowing that I need to get all of the dealing time in that I can to learn this and get better at it I said yes. What was I thinking?

I went home at 2:30PM and then tried to rest up for the next shift that started at 6:30PM. Figured it would be the usual 50+ players going at it for the $500 prize. Didn't think about the Live Cash game going on at the $2-$10 Limit Spread. Fortunately I didn't get involved with the game since the tournament was getting ready to start.

I started out on table 5 and then during the play I get 3 to 4 people going all in and then players getting upset because I am not fast enough. This tournament is a $5 tournament to play. Very impatient people.

I ended up moving to Table 1 which will end up as the final table. I did end up the night at this table and after it was done I was headed home. It was 11PM at this point and I am scheduled to return at 9:15 in the morning.

On my way home I get pulled over by our trusted police department and was informed my right headlight was out. Thank goodness he just told me to get it fixed and didn't give me a ticket.

I didn't get any sleep during the night and was up at 7:45 and was ready to leave the house at 9AM. When I drove into the parking lot there were no cars I recognized. I looked at the schedule and the first tournament was to start at 11:30AM. My goodness I am two hours early. Time to visit my Dad and then back to the casino at 10:30AM.

It was 11:15AM and we had 6 dealers with 34 signed up. Since I was the first to go home today and at this point they only needed 4 dealers I was out the door in a flash and headed home. This means today and tomorrow are off days and relax time.

Overall my experience in the box, I will say, is frustrating and very hard to get the hang of doing everything so quick and making sure it is correct and everyone is happy. I am not so sure this is going to last. I have given myself the week and will have to make a decision soon whether to keep up with this. I really do prefer to play than to deal the game. That is very plain to me at this time.

Yes, I did get the headlight fixed today as well.

Have a good week.......

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