Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Germs Attack

It is just not fair I tell ya. I was minding my own business not bothering anyone and all of a sudden I was attacked by the Cold Bug.

Thursday night I was feeling tired. I mean real tired and I couldn't figure it out. I have been doing well all week and the weather was turning colder here in the Northwest. Around here the weather changes and people are snuffling and sneezing and pretty soon they are passing this to all of their friends. This year my wife and I are sick at the same time. So nice you say? Doing something together.

Thursday afternoon I got all of the paperwork signed for the new job and will finish it up on Monday. I am ready to go in or be called in. I will be working 5 days per week on this schedule for the next month. It will be fun and I am nervous to sit down at my first table to deal a game. I hope everyone goes easy on me.

Not much to go over since I have been in the house the last couple of days just hiding from everyone. Excited for Tuesday to come around and start the job.

Have a nice weekend everyone......

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