Thursday, October 13, 2011

Into the Fire

I have been coming home very tired the past few days. It has been enjoyable working at the casino.

I arrived at the Casino at 9AM and started helping to set up the tables for the tournament. I then got into the Live cash game dealing before the tournaments started. Doing this is just a little bit different than tournaments since you need to take a rake for the casino. This didn't last very long since I was then moved to a different table to begin the morning tournament.

I felt real comfortable during the tournament dealing. My concerns right now are dealing with the all-ins that take place between 3 or more persons. I did end up with one situation today and was able to work through the all-ins and get the money set up for each person. It is really nice when the money ends up going to the appropriate person.

When that tournament was over the next tournament was started and again I was working the table. I eventually was moved to table 1 and worked it through the finish. What a day. I need more time in the box to work on my skills of all-in chips with different scenarios. I need to get comfortable with this and I think I am more hard on myself that our Poker Manager.

Our Manager put together an SnG game tonight for the dealers. It cost $25 to play and we had 18 players. It was a time for the dealers to have some play time instead of working the tables. We all had fun and giving each other a bad time. At least some of them. We ended up chopping the pot and I walked away with $70. Not bad for not playing a tournament in about a week. I was able to make the correct decisions tonight.

Tomorrow is a day off for me before I work the weekend. Need to get some rest.

Have a fun day......

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