Wednesday, October 05, 2011

It finally happened

I was texted this afternoon that as of tomorrow the license will be active and I can start with Islands Casino. I could have worked today if the license had been active since one of the dealers was ill.

Walking into the casino this morning the manager asked if the license was done. Instead I had to inform him it was still pending. Thanks for his effort in getting this done we have been called in to show up at 2PM and go through the orientation process. It is nice to get started working, if you can call this working, when you are able to play a game and get paid for the time spent.

I am not sure what this will do to my efforts in playing the live games and playing the tournaments. I will have to wait and see what this will do to my schedule. I am also watching for how this will effect my time in taking care of my parents. I need to be available to them as well and will work my schedule around them.

I am now at $152/$100 in my pursuit of building the bankroll. I was up a little bit more this evening but gave some of it back trying to play some questionable hands. Will need to remember that I am there earning and not so much of the social time. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Have a fun day......

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