Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Middle of the Week

I missed the Monday to write on the blog but then again I have been busy. I have more stuff going on now than when I was working 8 hour days. Where do I fit it all in.

I needed to take my parents in to the Doctor office and that was completed. Good news for Mom that her test was negative. That was a good sign.

I was visiting a friend the other day and he has a TV repair business. I noticed he had a nice flat panel for sale at a good price. I bought it and now it was time to get it home. I put it in our bedroom and wow, it was bigger than I thought it was going to be. I guess it will be nice to lay in bed and watch the TV without straining your neck to see the screen. Cindy did like it so now we are going to get a new DVD player and that will be the set.

Since I purchased Dad's car I needed to go to the DOL and transfer the title. The car runs well and I would like to sell the car. I purchased the car under fair market value not knowing what it was. The person at DOL made me pay full market taxes for this car. I hope I can get the amount out of it. It is being looked at for brakes and getting a tune up. Needs a paint job but that is not going to happen.

I did purchase a new laptop computer. It has a 17 inch screen and a regular keyboard I am used to. I really like it as I can get away from the office and work on the computer. It does have Windows 7 on it and I am getting used to it. Anxious to play some poker on it. I can have two screens up at once.

I have also ordered the new garage door. Will be done the first of April. That will be nice to be able to open the door and park the cars in there. Of course it will have to be cleaned out. Hoping we can get our storage stuff in there as well. That would save some money.

I am presently in Kirkland waiting for the first introduction class for the Online Trading Academy. If it goes well tomorrow I will be staying the week until March 27. It will be a long time away from home but will be glad to have the training done.

I played the last two days at Islands Casino at the Noon tournament. I do not plan on going back. The reason being is that it is a short stack tournament and is basically based on luck of the cards and not skill. I would rather have a deeper stack and be able to take the time to play the proper cards. I will be playing in April at the Wildhorse Fall Roundup. Maybe two tournaments. I will continue to play on FT and PS as well. The coaching session did go well and there are things I need to work on.

Enough rambling. I need to get to bed as I am tired tonight. I have a headache and my neck is sore. Could be the driving. My schedule for meds is off as well. We will see how this next week goes.

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