Friday, March 05, 2010

Construction is Done

It is such a relief to have the construction/remodel done on the 2 bedrooms and the bathroom. They look great. We still have some painting and touchup to do and Cindy will have to decide about putting some tile on the wall behind the vanity. I think she will go with it. Here are some pictures. Triple C Construction did a fabulous job. Way to go guys and Bill you are the best in knowing what Cindy wants to do.

I have been playing Poker the last few days. My Heads up record for the week is 5 wins and 5 losses. Not great but it will do for now. I have done better in tournament poker and have been able to get in the money. My tournaments at Jokers is another story. I need to get better at the live tournaments and have talked with a person that works with the WSOP Academy and will be setting up some time to head to Las Vegas and get some education. I am excited for that and anxious to get going. Have someone teach and watch my game to get me where I need to be. It will be fun to work with Raymer, Annie Duke and the likes. I am looking at the end of May heading to Vegas.

I am working on putting together the information and getting back into trading the Forex Market. I made contact with a person that started about the time I did and he has done well. I am renewing my contacts and hope to get started soon. I am looking at starting up the Stock Market trading as well. I really enjoyed my time working with this market and starting to renew my contacts. I have one other item I am working on and that is getting involved with some education on working with the taxes. It is seasonal work but I do enjoy that as well.

Am I going to be too busy? Well, I hope to bring in some income enjoying the things that I will enjoy doing. For me it is about time to do something and have fun doing it. You have to have the proper people around you that you can rely on to help you and will talk with you and lead you in education and mentoring. Something that was missing where I was at before. You have to be around people that care about what happens to each other and be willing to help when needed.

I am now headed off for my daily walk and then have lunch with a friend. Go see my parents later on and start cleaning up the house from all the dust. Have a good weekend.

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