Monday, March 22, 2010

Is it Monday?

I have not gotten up at 5AM in a long time to do anything other than to go to the bathroom. Now that is way too much information. This morning I was awake by 5 and got up to get ready to go to class. We spent the last 2 days in preparation for this morning and now here it is. I walked outside and it was dark and rainy here in Kirkland/Redmond. Drove to the Online Trading Academy and went into the classroom. We talked for a few minutes about what we should see in the market today and then turned on the computers to take a look. We were expecting to see a big drop today and what we found was a move to the upside. Ok, it will correct but not today. The signs are there but when it will happen you just don't know. At that point you plan your trades and trade your plan. We were able to trade this morning and I did well. One negative and three positive trades. I was on the positive side of the $$ today. Tomorrow we go at it again. I like Day Trading and feel like that is where the income is at but will have to do Swing trading to get to the next part. I really enjoy what I am doing and am anxious to get started on our own. Found out that at the end of the week we will be known as professional traders. There are perks.

I haven't been able to play much in the Poker arena lately since trading equities have been the business at hand.

I had a full blog written and now it is gone due to the internet here at the hotel. Oh well. I will have a hard time remembering what I had in it so will wait till Wednesday to post again.

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