Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank you Friday

So much for writing on Wednesday. I am soooo tired right now from the weeks activities and having homework every night. Sounds like school again. The academy was a great experience and I decided to take the next step in my education and will take the Extended Learning portion that will last 12 weeks. I plan on starting this the first week of June and will last through August. This will be with a Mentor and this person will have classes 4 days per week. This is the education I have wanted and now have the opportunity to get this done. Being a trader in equities will be another item I can cross off of my list. I would like to make a business out of this and do this for a long time.

Poker for me has been on the side burner for the last week and a half and when I get home I will start up and play more. I will be putting a plan together for this as well as a plan for the trading. I would like to do both and be proficent in both areas. I think I can do this. Some of the ideas in the trading class can work in the poker arena as well. I am going to be playing in Pendleton at the Wildhorse Casino the middle of April and then I do have the WSOP Academy at the end of May. So as you can see I will be busy.

This last week has been sort of hard for 2 families because of the political nature of the hospital where they worked. I feel for both of them and wish things could be different. This could be an opportunity to do something else so they need to keep their minds open to the new possibilities coming their way. You never know. I am finding less stress and enjoying life a little bit more.

I am headed to bed and have one more class to attend tomorrow. This class is one that will put on paper what my trading plan will be and how I will function in this new job of mine. I don't call it a job. I answer to myself and Cindy now. I will be driving home over the pass tomorrow evening. I would like to get over before the sun goes down. We will see if I make it.

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