Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fly By

Where did this week go? I wrote on the blog on Monday and here it is on Saturday and I was supposed to write on Wednesday and Friday. I figure if I write on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I could keep up with this. I didn't realize not having a job would keep me so busy.

One of the items I have been busy with is working on my poker game and studying. I have a book that I purchased from my coach and I have been reading this book trying to get ready for my session with him. I am trying to make sure that I can get into the money most of the time and play correctly. I ended up having my first session with him on Wednesday afternoon and it went as expected. He did say at one point that I have Pro tendencies. I felt great that maybe I am on the right track and he also said this should not take too long for me to get on track. He watched my game and took quite a bit of notes and I had to explain to him what I was doing and why I was doing it. This made me think on each hand why I was playing the way I do. Now I have the paperwork from his analysis and I also have the critique on what he wants me to do about my play. I will now study again and then play some more and incorporate this into my game and then have him start all over with another session to see if I am doing what he told me to do.

Another item that was finalized this week is my trip to Las Vegas on May 27 - 31. I will be attending the World Series of Poker Academy and staying at the Rio where the WSOP Tournaments will start on May 27. I will also be attending a class on hand analysis on the 30th. This will be a busy time but again I will be working on the game and trying to reach the money in the tournaments I play more often.

I am going to play in the Spring Roundup at the Wildhorse Casino in April. I am looking forward to two tournaments and some Cash game as well. They put on a very nice tournament three times per year. I would like to get involved with Northern Quest in Spokane as well if I could ever figure out when they have their tournaments. I watch them on TV but can't figure out the dates. I have contacted the Casino and am working on getting those dates.

As you can see that kept me busy. The other stuff I have been working on is getting things prepared to start my stock trading again. I am trying to decide which area I will put my efforts. I have 2 or 3 areas I can work towards but then I want to get good at one area before moving on to something else. I have just about made the decision not to get back into trading the currencies at this time. That would probably stretch me rather thin. Remember I am not into stress but having fun with what I do. I was working with the bank yesterday making sure everything was put where it would earn the most money. I think I achieved that.

The next remodel project looks like the garage. Our son is going to help with this so we won't have to contract that out to someone else. My list of projects for this house is long and now that I am not working I will try to get some of this stuff started as long as the $$ are there.

As you can see it has been a busy one. Today is the memorial for a friend that passed away about a week ago. He will be missed. He was always giving me a bad time, in a good way, and now he is gone. RIP Ray.

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