Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Friday

Today is my off day before I start the long week of classes.

I am sitting in the motel/hotel room here in Redmond getting ready to pack up my stuff and head over to the new motel/hotel. I am going to be at the Marriott Courtyard here in Redmond just down the street from the Comfort Inn. It was nice that the Online Trading Academy was able to get me into the Courtyard by using a block of rooms they have for their instructors. I tried to get in on Tuesday night but since this whole thing has been moving so fast I was unable to secure a room.

Yesterday was a good day in that I sat in the classroom with one other person and we discussed trading and what we could eventually accomplish with the training that is provided. I felt this was a good opportunity for me to get back into trading the stock market and get the necessary training I needed. This will be an income for us and I can stay home and work. This is a business. It needs to be treated as such. The next step is to be here for the next week and study my heart out and getting myself prepared for this adventure. This is the opportunity I needed and will move on from here.

Last night I went down to the Muckleshoot Casino and played in a tournament. I met a classmate of mine while I was there. I had to look at FB and then look at him to see if they matched and I approached him and sure enough. We hadn't seen each other in a few years. Anyway, the tournament went well. There were 100 people that started the tournament and I ended up being in 42nd place. There is that middle of the tournament thing again. I can't wait for the WSOP Academy to help me get further in these tournaments. It was 500/1000 blinds and I had a little over $10,000 and I got QQ. I was able to get all in after the flop and was called by one person. He showed 55. Turn was nothing and the river was a 5. I am out of the tournament. I played well.

I was able to play in a FT tournament on Wednesday night and placed 2nd and that is good for some $$. Gotta keep at it. The coaching job from Chris is working and I need to keep working on the game.

I plan on driving out to Snoqualmie Casino today. Plus I will have to spend some time studying before tomorrow. Study, Study and Study some more.

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