Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Today is my Birthday. I am now considered in my mid 50's and since we are already signed up with AARP I still go after any discounts I can get ahold of. Today is a beautiful day and Spring is in the air.

I went for a walk this morning around the neighborhood. People are starting to get their yards ready to go. I know once you start to water and mow it is a weekly project. I guess I now have the time for that. I will start watering probably within the week and start once a week for a couple and then start every other and see where it goes from there. I am considering some landscaping for the back yard and get underground sprinklers set up. That would really save me some time. Probably water as well.

Now that I am home and not working I am working on finalizing the break from the hospital. I am working on Insurance, Retirement and completion of some education I was doing this last year. I have a number of things that I am going to look at and see how I can best accomplish them. One being getting back into the stock market. I need to continue to find income and if I do this right I know I can achieve this. I am also looking at working with CD's and how they would benefit me as well. I am pulling my 403b out and will take a hit from that but who better to try and get this to grow and be there for retirement. Plus this will also set us up for the years to come as well. We have been working on this for a while and since we are in a hurry up mode now this will push us to be prudent with what we have.

Another area I am going to look at is some Poker Education. I will probably look at the WSOP Academy to see when I can head to Las Vegas to get some proper education in the game and to help me be a better player and have more opportunities to get in the money. I really like the game and want to further my skills.

Remodel is going well. Pictures are coming soon. The bathroom vinyl is down and today the carpet is being laid in the two bedrooms. We were able to paint the rooms over the weekend and it is now so close you can smell it. Literally. Wow, the smell gets to you. There is sooooo much dust in the air my nose is rebelling. May be nice to hire someone to come in and dust and clean just to save us from having to deep clean the whole house.

Well, things to do.

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