Friday, February 26, 2010

Roller Coaster

This past week has been a roller coaster of a ride with emotions riding high and trying to figure out what I will be doing next.

On Monday I went back to work and after three hours working on my computer trying to catch up from being off for four weeks on medical leave I had a meeting with my boss. This meeting did not go very well. She presented me with a 4 page Corrective Action on two of the applications I work on. Testing on one of the applications did not go well and the Asst. Medical Director of the ED was wanting me replaced on the application I helped put in 6 1/2 years ago. He stated I did not know the application. I think he just wanted a new face to push around. At that time I went home and the next day turned in my resignation. I was done and I will persue other avenues now. I have worked with this hospital for 23 years and this is how I leave. It is sad but life goes on. You have to remember that now days longevity means nothing to business. We now part on good terms after talking with my Director a little bit a couple of days later. We had time for the emotions to settle down and talk to each other.

My next order of business is to start the process of cashing out my retirement from my 403b and see if I can do something with that on my own. We will also pay off a few bills that will make it easier for us to live on one income until I see what I can do with myself. We will be alright and it will be a new chapter in our lives.

I would like to play a little bit more poker now to see if I can make it profitable. I have been doing alright in the higher stakes and will continue with my 9 player SnG's. I ventured out into a couple of tournaments yesterday to see how I would do and I need to stay where I am at and be satisfied that I can win some profit and move up in stakes. It is time to make it happen. I will need to back off in the live casino tournaments until I get a better bankroll. I do not want to deplete what I have and use this sparingly for the proper tournaments where I know I have a chance to place in the money.

We are still working on the house and I will post pictures as soon as we get closer to being done. We have been painting the rooms and now we are going to have the carpet and the flooring put in this next week. After that the finish work can begin as the vanity, and toilet will be put into the bathroom. Having Nick home to help has been great and this weekend Cindy will be able to help paint and possibly grout the bathroom tiles.

Today is a rainy day here and I am glad we are not in the area that has snow. I always say that our spring always starts on March 1. I am ready for spring and I am ready to start feeling better. I love the sunshine and how it makes me feel.

Having Fun.......

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Susan said...

Thinking of you, buddy! I think you probably made the best move given the history. still want to "do lunch" and think we need to plan something soon. STAY IN TOUCH, OK???