Friday, February 12, 2010


Yesterday I wanted to eat fish so I went into town and ate at Ivar's. Now this place is one of my favorites to go to as a fast food type of place. I hadn't been there for a while so was excited to have the opportunity to eat there. I ordered a 4 piece and to my surprise when they came up they are now very thin pieces. Paying $10 for the plate was another surprise to me. Talk about getting nothing for my money. The taste was very fishing tasting. Yes, it was fish but the taste was that of being possibly old? I don't know, I was very disappointed with the food. I don't know where to get good fish and chips anymore.

Played on FT last night and came in 1st again. I am finally getting comfortable with playing the 9 player SnG's. I am reading a book by Scott Fischman and he talks about playing one game until you get good at it and before moving on to something else. I understand that and maybe by staying with this I am finally understanding how to play this game. Of course now that I have said that we will see if I can duplicate the win from last night. I was going to play at Jokers Casino last night but that didn't pan out as well. I will try to get a game in this next week. I like live play.

Our Remodel is going well. The bathroom is coming together and the bedrooms are almost done. Maybe tomorrow I can get some pictures put on the blog as well. Cindy went out today and picked out the carpet and the paint she wants to use on the walls. This next week should see a lot of improvement in the remodel project.

I had my medical procedure done this morning. Wow, that really hurts. Remind me not to have Kidney Stones again where they have to put a stent in and then have to go take it out. The nurse said she used Lidocaine but I couldn't tell. At least this chapter is about done and I can get back to work. During this Kidney Stone the Physician found another problem and now wants to address this in about three weeks. Another surgery and time off. So far this year has not been kind to me. At least I still have a job and good insurance. The Insulin Pump is working well for me. I am getting the hang of making the changes and using the bolus wizard.

Now we have the weekend to rest up before next week.

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