Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Here I am trying to recuperate and make sure I can go back to work on February 22. I have one more procedure to go through, maybe, and then I can start up again. You spend so much time working and building your EIB ( Extended Illness Bank ) and times like this you would hope it is available to you for use. I have been given a 4 page application and it needs to be filled out by the physician so I can have the time off. My next procedure will be on February 12. I know this is going to hurt. Everything was so fast that I never got a chance to talk with the physician about what was going on and now I have to wait till next Friday.

Yesterday Cindy and I went out to lunch and on my way back I was able to stop at one of my best places to go. I stopped at Hastings to look at their magazines and books. I always look for the latest Poker Magazines and then go back and see what is available in the used books on Poker. I found 2 books, one on poker strategy and the other was a book on Chris Moneymaker. He was the WSOP 2003 Main Event winner and helped start this poker craze. I was able to read this completely in 12 hours and I must say it was a very interesting book. His life growing up and his thought process for winning the Main Event.

Last evening we went to the Mall and guess what? My other favorite store, Barnes and Noble, is there and I was able to pick up a magazine and another book on how to play online. I guess reading and watching the training videos can't hurt. Always trying to get better.

I had an appointment with the nurse yesterday as well at the Diabetes Learning Center. I am doing well on the pump. Hopefully in March we will be able to fine tune the pump a little bit more. I must say at least I feel better diabetes wise and my BG is not running all over the place. I watch my Carbs pretty close and try to give myself the proper insulin.

We are going to start a Remodel project again. This time we are going to work on two bedrooms and the 2nd bathroom.

Here are some pictures of the before. This all starts next week.


Anonymous said...

you have to "ask" for the time off??? Don't you build up sick time or are you MANAGEMEMT and you don't get sick time?
Your remodle looks interesting -- wish you were posting on Facebook so I didn't have to go all over the place . . . :-(


Steve said...

Can you believe it? You earn them but have to apply for them.