Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend After

On Saturday evening we sat down and watched some olympics. One of the things I enjoy watching during the winter olympics is the track skating. I enjoyed watching Ohno back in 2002 and that got me interested. The one race that was interesting to watch was the Koreans and they had the final all wrapped up in a pretty bow for gold, silver and bronze. That didn't work out very well. This is what happens when the 3rd place person wants to be in the 2nd position and he takes out himself and his teammate and they both don't get anything. Of course this allowed Ohno and Celski to come in silver and bronze. I will just about bet the coach had something to say to the person that caused that disaster. If I was in 2nd I would have said something to my teammate as well. I am happy that we got silver and bronze.

I had a tournament on PS starting at 1:35 on Sunday. This was the Jonathan Little tournament he was putting on for a group of us that answered the survey he put out. There were 33 individuals involved. My goal was to try and make it to the money and not be the first person out of the tournament. I did learn that in a higher stake game people tend to play a normal type of poker. Something I am used to in a live tournament so that was nice. I played well during the event and at one point had Jonathan on my left. That made me a little nervous and I tightened up just a little because I know that he can shove at any time. I was able to make it to the final table and was even leading the tournament for a while. Then within 3 hands I went from top to out of the tournament. I had KK and one of the callers ended up going all-in and we went to a showdown. He showed JJ and he got the J on the flop. That crippled me and within the next 2 hands I was out of the tournament. I ended up in 9th place and was 4 out of the money. It was fun and was a good learning experience.

Tonight I am going to go down to Jokers Casino and play in the Monday tournament. It has been a couple of weeks since I have played.

Our remodel project is underway for the second week. Hopefully the bathroom will be close to being finished and the bedrooms will be done real soon. Not much has to be completed to be ready for painting.

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