Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Today the remodel is starting on our house. The crew came in around noon and they are now working on the two bedrooms and the bathroom. They should be done in about a week. This will leave the Master Bedroom and the Master Bath and the Family Room to be completed before we try and get the Kitchen remodeled. Just to have the two bedrooms done will be nice. I will put pictures up as soon as I can when they get close to completion.

I was at the Doctors yesterday. He was very impressed with my diabetes control with the insulin pump and the work we have done with the education nurse. We will be making some tweeks on the insulin but we are very close. I am learning about the dual wave bolus and how it can best help me with the Blood Sugars. We went over the stay in the hospital with my Kidney Stones and the surgery I had. I have another procedure to go through this Friday. I am not looking forward to that. I was able to read the surgery report from the doctors laptop and like I said before the Dr. and I have some discussions to go through on Friday as well. We will see what he wants to do and what timeline we are looking at. In the meantime I need to get back to work and will be off for another week after this to recuperate from Friday's procedure.

I have been playing live on PS and today dropped some of my bankroll. I was not getting the cards and I was pushing when I shouldn't have. I then went over to FT and got myself into an SnG and got to third place when the remodel crew showed up so I started pushing all-in so I could get out of the game. I don't like sitting out and just blinding off. I was in second place at the start of that and probably could have made it to second but I know it is frustrating for the players when someone isn't playing. Third place is not bad and will get into another game later.

I am also contemplating getting involved again in the stock market. I enjoyed it when I worked with it the last time and if I have a chance to do it again I will have a better understanding of what I want to achieve.

Sounds like we are going to try shopping again and get the vanity that we looked at the other day. Time to pull things together and see the remodel finish.

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