Thursday, February 04, 2010

It has been a good day!!!

I can't believe the pain is still here and it is taking so long to get rid of it. I still have another week to go before I go through this process again. Lets just get this done. I don't like the fact of getting better just to go all the way back to hurting all over again.

Every third day I change the site on my insulin pump. I had to do that this morning. So far it is going very well. It is so nice not having to give myself shots during the day. Counting carbs is not bad and I am trying to put the carbs of the meals I eat in my iPhone. I can't find an app that would be good. Maybe I could find someone to help me build one. Maybe sell it for usage on the iPhone. Anyone out there want to help?

I responded to an ad in my email this morning on working from home. I don't have a lot of faith in them. Mostly it is people wanting you to buy a system and they are the ones getting rich. Or do they? Everyone after the same thing and I have to wonder if it could actually happen. It would be nice to work from home and I have always said I knew the computer would earn me money. Know I have to find the right way to do that.

I got an email last night that the father of our childhood friends passed away on the 30th. RIP Harry. When we were growing up he was a police officer and did his job well. Boy, are there stories from both of our families. We played alot with Duane, Linda and Donna. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time.

I am reading a new book called "Winning Poker for the Serious Player". I will have it finished tomorrow. It talks about most of the games that are available and how to play them. Everytime I read this type of book I am looking for that one bit of tidbit that will help me progress as a poker player. I find the game so interesting and fun to play. So many things to watch and learn while playing against the players at the table.

Today I played at FT and was 1-1. I came in first on my last game of the day. I would like to do that more often. I will keep working at it. I did go and play at Jokers tonight and I came in 3rd place and was in the money again. Second place was so close again. I got AA twice tonight and was able to win both hands. I played tonight waiting for position and betting the amounts that would help me win the hands when needed. I think the one thing I am getting used to is the amount to bet and not just going all in and putting myself at risk. Use what I think will win the hand and not be at risk. Position, Position and Position. Patience works well to along with Confidence.

I also put an item on Craigslist. Maybe earn some money and get rid of items I will not use anymore.

I did some walking today. Need to keep that up and get some fresh air. There are decisions to be made and I hope with a clear head the proper ones will be made. Well, until tomorrow have a good night.

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