Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hump Day

I have been looking at the Wildhorse schedule to see what poker events I can attend. This year the dates are 4-14 to 4-25. I try to play at least one tournament during this time. It looks like 4-22 there is a No-Limit tournament that I can try to get to. I also contacted NorthernQuest to see when they were having their tournaments and the next one will be 3-31 thru 4-3 and they are giving seats to to the WSOP events in Las Vegas in July this year.

I stopped by Islands Casino and spoke with them about their tournaments and basically they have their 6PM tournaments going but that is it. I was thinking about playing some more there but I am better off at Jokers Casino. I ended up going there during the day and had lunch and then played Blackjack. I haven't played that game for awhile. I don't like the casino advantage. When I finished playing I was equal as when I started. Not bad for spending time at that game. I also played the Ultimate Texas Hold'em table game. I ended up getting a profit on that game. Not bad. I really am not a table game player anymore since I like to play Poker more.

How are you doing with your Retirement account. We have a 403b account and the hospital has a very good program. They ask "where do you want to be when you retire". How about a million dollars? Well, I am no where near that and so I have to be aggressive and watch this account. I am presently moving funds into the Money Market account since I feel that the market is not through the downswing it is doing right now. I will still be diversified but not like I was. Got to watch the account and do what I can to get the most money I can for the end.

I played on FT tonight and came in 2nd in the 9 SnG game. That was good ROI. I also moved up in the levels. I liked the game better since it now gets me closer to how I normally play in the live game. Just a little bit different but the players play a little bit better and respect you more if you have a hand. Hopefully I can stay here and play to increase the bankroll. I haven't started the live games yet. We will see how that goes as well. I will probably use PS for that play to keep things separate.

Next week I start back to work. Anxious to get started again. I have two weeks before I go back to the doctor and then another surgery is around the corner for me. I am not looking forward to this but I understand it needs to be done.

The remodel project is getting closer to being done. Pictures will be coming as soon as I can see some improvement.

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