Monday, February 01, 2010

Monday Monday

Monday and it is time to get busy with the day.

I start out by working in the office here at home. Since I take care of my parents finances now I need to keep an eye on what is getting paid. Keep track of the checkbook and all of the paperwork. I could not believe that the City of Richland sent my parents to collections. We changed the address to ours when they moved to assisted living. And when the letter came it came to our address. Now, what fool would not even send a statement to us before making a fool mistake like that. Ok, enough said. Get with it people. This makes me want to get all pennies and go in to pay it with that. This will work out. Thank goodness my better half will be contacting them and discussing this matter.

For lunch today I went over to the McDonalds and tried out the new McDonald wrap. Wow, that was pretty good and because I am watching Carbs, because of Diabetes, it was only 26g. I was impressed with the taste. Hit the palate with the right amount of the flavors that you would expect. Can you tell I watch the Cooking Shows on HGTV?

I have been reading a site on passive income lately and trying to figure out what they do to earn an income. This person is very open about what he does and he made over $10,000 last month alone. That is pretty neat. Could I do that?

I spent some time with my folks today. Just sat and talked with them about whatever. Dad especially since Mom has Alzheimers and the conversation seems to go in circles. Dad is having trouble with his eyesight. I am sure glad we got him to stop driving.

I played 3 games today on FT in the 9 player SnG. I can see I need to go back to the drawing board and listen to Jonathan Little and Micon on playing the SnG's a little bit more. I do well and then I forget what I am supposed to do. I came in at 5th in 2 of them and 4th in the final one. I had opportunities in all of them but did not complete the deal. Seem to be at the bubble and can't burst it right now. Not discouraged just more driven to do well.

We watched the Worst Cook in America tonight and watched the final. I really wanted Jenny to win and Rachel took the $25,000 and the win for Chef Ann. Jenny made more complex food and really did well. Of course I was not the judge. I should be a judge. I like food and enjoy cooking.

Off we go to sleep land and will see you tomorrow. Be good.

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