Sunday, January 31, 2010

Poker Time TOC

Today is the day I get back to the Jokers Casino and play the Tournament of Champions. I am excited even though I am still not feeling great but anxious to go out and see what my thought process is for playing a live tournament again.

I spent some time today watching Daniel N. play on PokerStars and get my mind focused on what I need to do. When 5:30 rolled around I was ready to go. I drove down to the Casino and paid the entry fee and now I wait for the start.

We had two tables at the start. I started with T$3500. It was nice to get back with the group and mix it up again. Seat 3 seems to have my number and was reading me very well. He could tell me everytime what cards I had in my hand. I decided to change it up a bit and play a junk hand and go all the way to the end with it so I could show the cards. I got 78o and called with this hand. I had seat 4 call me and we ended up playing to the end but I came up with a straight and he had AA. I was able to show the hand at least and throw Seat 3 off a little bit.

I made it to the final table tonight. For being off 3 weeks this is a pretty good showing. I finally went out in 5th place on the money bubble. I hate when that happens. I had KK and I raised and got two callers. After the flop I figured I was still ahead and went all-in and was called by the other two. I showed the KK and the other guy showed 44 and the third was Ax. In the end the 44 had a full house and I had a K high Flush. Wow, I was out of the tournament in 5th place.

I have ideas of how to correct this play. I will work on this on the next tournament I play. Remember the guy in seat 3? I had him guessing at the final table. I was able to semi bluff and won the pot. He was talking to himself during the hand. " He doesn't bluff." You keep thinking that.

Now the new week is here and I will probably get back to some online play at FT and PS. I am entered into a invitation only tournament on PokerStars on February 14. This should be fun. This is by invitation by Jonathan Little. I have been learning online play from him by watching videos of him teaching while playing. Some of this is rolling off onto my live play as well.

Hope you have a good week.

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