Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day of Rest

We have now come upon the weekend. Most people will now use this time to rest and get themselves ready for the next week. You have to recharge those internal batteries to keep doing what we do. Don't you feel like you are in a rat race? Work your 40+ hours per week and then get ready to do it again. What do we achieve by doing this? Money? Fame? Retirement? What happens to those years when you are doing this that you could be enjoying family and seeing sights? Need money? We try to pack as much stuff as we can into our lives. It is called possessions. Got to fill up the garage, the house, the extra rooms and for what? When is enough enough? When do you ask that question what am I doing and is this worth it? Got to have money? How much is enough? I keep hearing what do you want for retirement? I would like a million dollars in retirement. Do you think you can actually get there? Will it be enough? What if you don't make it to retirement because the last I heard nothing is guaranteed? Now what do you do? I would go back and Rest and Relax because we all have to do it again on Monday.

Today I went out and walked around the block. It was nice to get out of the house.

I really enjoy the single and MTT's and am trying to get myself to play more HU stuff. I think I can build the BR better with HU than with the others.

Way to go JB on your WSOP place this past week. Placing 59th was fantastic. Your first cash. I bet that was a nice vacation for you.

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