Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rain, Rain go Away

One of my favorite shows to watch is the Deadliest Catch. I have watched all of the episodes and have gotten to like to watch these reality shows because of it. I think watching the lives of some of these individuals is interesting instead of watching fiction all the time. Ok, I am a reality show fanatic. Well, I found out yesterday that Phil Harris, the Captain, from the Cornelia Marie past away from a stroke. They were in the middle of the Opilio season up in Alaska. This will be a sad show this year with the loss of Phil. May you Rest in Peace. You will be missed.

Our Remodel project is moving right along. I was going to put some pictures up but was too late in getting new ones. The crew is here working and so I won't bother them. It is looking real nice and the bathroom should look good when done. The bedrooms are looking nice and will be better when we get the carpet put in. I may have to move in to one of the bedrooms myself. Maybe claim the new bathroom as well. Of course the next project will be the Master bedroom with its bathroom and will have to do the Family Room at the same time since they share a wall. Wow, that would be nice. At some point we need to turn our attention to the outside and get this house painted and get a new roof put on. We are only doing what we can pay for up front and not going into debt with this. It is taking awhile but we are not going into debt for this. We have a good contracter that works with us on our projects and he has a good crew.

Last night I played in a FT 9 player SnG. I am trying to get better at this level and not bounce around playing all the different SnG's. Last night I placed first. I am starting to understand what I need to do to get in the last three spots and get paid. Position is important especially in the early stages of the SnG. Patience is another one that you definately have to maintain. I get anxious to start playing but if I just wait and take the pots I can and let the rest go I seem to do alot better. If I wait till the blinds get to a point where it is imperative that I play then it is time to move. I also watch the percentage of hands played. Don't let that get too low. You also don't want this to get too high since loosing good hands make a difference as well. Stay within the range. Managing all of this does help to get into the final three spots. I am hoping to play in a Live game tonight at Jokers Casino. I like to play on Thursday night because they give T$5000 starting chips and I don't feel like I have to push and try to get lucking right off the bat.

I keep thinking about a hand I had in November in a Live Ring Game at the Wildhorse Casino. I had just been taken out of the Tournament and I wanted to play live. I took along my bankroll to see if I could get into a game. I put my name on the list for a 2-5 game and when it was called I bought $300 worth of chips and sat down at the table. To my right was a very aggressive player which was good for me. The hand in question happened fairly early in the game. I had a very good hand and was ahead at the time. I was going to win this hand and I knew it. I had extracted about as much as I could from the guy to my right. He all of a sudden went all-in. I had to really think about it since this guy had about $600 in front of him. He had friends around the table and I knew it was a bluff by what they were doing with the table. My gut told me it was a bluff. The way he bet the board told me it was a bluff. The way he had been playing told me it was a bluff. The only decision I had to make was to put the $300 into the middle and take his $300 and add to my stack. Then my mind took over and was I willing to risk my $300? In the end I folded. That fold still bothers me because I gave in and surrendered. If I would have lost the $300 I would not have been hurt but at that point I just could not pull the trigger. Could I do it today? I think I am more mentally prepared to go all-in with him now. I tend to read people better since then and I think my game has improved. Oh well, I think this will stick with me and the next time I play a live game I will be ready.

Tomorrow is the day for the next procedure in my medical saga. I am not looking forward to this procedure. Basically I just want this to be done so I can go back to work and get on with what I do. It has been nice for the time off to get my body ready to go again. Am I ready for that? We will soon find out.

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