Monday, June 04, 2012


The weekend was good. I played in four tournaments and bubbled one of them. I then played the $15 buyin for a share of the $750 prize pool. It was a good tournament for me as I was able to get the cards when I needed them. Getting to the final table again and this time I was playing patient and waiting for the right cards and letting others be the aggressors at this time. When we got down to 7 handed the proposal was on the table to chop the pot and everyone leave with $107 each. Everyone finally agreed with this and after nearly four hours of playing we chopped it up. I haven't played any live lately and am ready to get back at that. I am thinking about starting a new website and doing something a little bit different. My goal has been to get better at poker but I think using some video and working on my live game with a certain amount as my bankroll would be fun. I would like to play in the 2013 WSOP. I would give myself a year to get myself ready and build the bankroll. Anyway, I am thinking about how I would put the website together. Go look at the "TheDanPlan", as I like his site and the idea of working on becoming better at something. Have a fun day......

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