Saturday, April 20, 2013

Still Playing Poker

I have been very busy studying that having time to blog about my poker playing has taken a back seat to everything. Well, actually playing poker has taken a back seat as well.

I have been trying to play one day per week just to keep myself going. I don’t want to get to rusty in my thought process. When April came around I really backed off since school has gotten to be my number one priority. I just need to get through this semester and then will start to play some more when I get to the summer.

The tournaments I have played in have gone well for me. I did chop one tournament and then played in the tournament of champions for the casino here in town. I have also set up a night where a few of us can sit down and play a .05 - .10 LHE game. The max buy in was $10 and we had a blast playing for about three hours and then I cashed everyone out and cleaned up the room. I would like to continue with that if I can fit it into the schedule.

I have also been playing a $1.50 SNG tournaments as well as some .01 - .02 NL cash games and since I started with $0 money I have been growing this bankroll as of this moment.  I am presently at $9.87. 

Have a good day.

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