Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The BFT Nazi

You know about the Soup Nazi from that famous show?  Today, I met the BFT Nazi.
 A lady about my age got on the bus on the Pasco side of the bridge and when she got on the bus she was asking the bus driver a question. She got some type of response and then made her way down the aisle to sit in one of the seats and sat down in one across from me.
We then made it to the Richland side, of the bridge, and as we were approaching the turn to Columbia Point the bus driver announced, or should I say yelled, " Columbia Point Winco". We made the turn and as we approached the turn into Winco the bus driver started yelling "Pull the cord if you want to stop at Winco." She must have repeated this three times, and I looked over at the lady across from me and she said "What do I do? This is my first time ever riding a bus." I immediately showed her the cord and went ahead and pulled it for her.
As I looked ahead at the driver and at the next stop, "Winco", there were three people waiting for the bus so the bus had to stop anyway. I know the bus driver must have seen that as we were getting close. The driver stopped and the lady got off thanking me for the help.
Wow, BFT driver get a grip!!! Maybe she was having a bad day but that was not called for. If I was an extrovert I would have pulled the cord when we arrived at the last stop, Richland Knight station, to let her know I wanted off. Since I don't like conflict I did not pull the cord. I will say though that don't dare me next time. I might do it.
Have a fun day.....

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