Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back Home at Jokers Casino

I finally got to play at home at Jokers Casino and I didn't last long tonight.

It is so cold here right now. I do not like the snow and the very cold weather. I finally had to pull my heavy jacket out today and start wearing it.

Tonight was fun. I really enjoy poker whether I win or loose. I feel like I learn something each time I play. Controlling emotions and making sure I am not giving away tells to other people. I had some good cards tonight but never got anything on the flop to continue the betting. I had a lot of KJ's, AK's, and just couldn't pull it off. The hand that really crippled my chip stack was a good hand for me. I had KJ and the flop came AAA. I felt I had the best hand with the K and at the least maybe a split pot. The one card that could hurt me was the A. On the turn came K. I now had the full house and still I felt the A was the card that could bring me down. The River was X and I put in a good size bet. I turned over my Full House and the other guy turned over the A. I was really crippled now and a few hands after that I went out holding K8 and went all-in and lost the hand. There were about 30 players tonight at $30 buyin and I was 23 tonight. Can't wait till next Wednesday night and I will try it again.

I am reading Phil Gordon's Little Green Book. I am enjoying the book. I like his thought process and the way the book is written. I will more than likely read it a couple of times to get the information to sink in. We will see how that goes.

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