Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wednesday Poker

I sure didn't last long in the wednesday night tournament at Jokers. I did get some cards though. I was very impressed with the hostess, as when I walked into the table area she called me by name. Remembering me from playing only wednesday evening is really something. The group that was playing last night also knew each other very well and played to take your blinds and any chips put out on the table. The player next to me was going all-in almost everytime he played and I was getting tired of it. I finally got a pair of 6's and decided to call his all in. I got another 6 on the flop and the set held up. He was out of the tournament. I did win another hand with two pair and the guy next to me couldn't understand why I stayed in the pot. It was one of those where I just felt like I had the cards to beat. I was a little distracted last night as well as they only started 2 tables with 9 players on the alternate list. They must not have had an extra dealer. After I sat down to start playing I looked on the board and I thought I saw my name on the list as an alternate and I had taken someone elses chair. No one ever said anything but I was real conscious about it and I was not paying attention to the game as much. I also need to control the emotions a little bit better. I notice when I get a hand and I start to put chips in the pot I tend to start shaking a little and I hope no one notices that. I will have to work on that one next time I play. Calm, relax, and be the same when I play.

The hand that took me out was when I got 77. It ended up being 3 of us playing this hand. The flop came 8710c. The turn and the river where no help. I ended up going all-in calling and one of the guys had a draw for a straight and the other ended up with clubs for a flush. I was done for the night. I knew the flush was out there and I played it anyway. I knew better. I should have thrown my set away. This night I was 1-1 for sets.

Jokers has changed the area of the casino to be with the lounge and I think it looks better. The poker area has 4 tables. They do need better lighting in the poker area. Lets hope next week will be better. Have fun at the tables.

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