Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What a week

My frame of mind this week has been really good in playing poker. I have played the right hands at the right time. I have been a little bit more selective on the hands and the position that I play those hands. When I get down to a short handed game I then try to open up the play and be mindful of how the other players are doing. How much in chips and where the button is at. What is the blinds at and what are the players doing.

Tonight the group playing at Jokers are very good players. I wanted to have a good showing. I know I can play with these guys. I don't do very much talking at the table. I might say something to the person next to me but very little to the whole table. I don't show my cards very often unless I have a really good hand and I feel I need to show the other players that I do get hands and that I don't play junk cards. I received pocket Aces tonight and won with them, and also got pocket 8's, pocket 6's and then pocket Q's. I even had a AK tonight and played them well. I kept building my chip count and was playing tight. When the table got down to the final 10 I felt good that I was not the short stack. Could I hang on and make it to the money. I still wanted to build the chip count up and show I belonged. This tournament was a $30 buyin and we had 19 players tonight.

I ended up splitting the pot with the person I was headsup with tonight. Yes, 1st and 2nd split the pot. He took the seat for the end of the month tournament. This was the first time I was able to get into the money and it felt good. This has been some week. Monday night I split the pot 3 ways and tonight split the pot 2 ways. I know this game is like golf. You think you are doing well and the next time out you are knocked down a notch. I have to keep this mindframe and hopefully build on this feeling and the way I played tonight.

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