Saturday, December 23, 2006

At the Muckleshoot

While I was in Auburn my sister and I went to the muckleshoot casino. My sister played the slots and I headed over to the Blackjack tables. We were there for two and a half hours and we both had fun. I walked away with money in my pocket. Now it wasn't big time but at least I didn't walk out with less in my pocket. When I play blackjack I play the standard rules and then watch the cards coming out and go with gut feeling on some of it. I don't like to hit with 15 or 16 and have the dealer showing 12,13,14,15,16. I want to give myself a chance and have the dealer bust. It is discouraging if you take a hit and bust and then the dealer busts as well. I like to sit in the #7 seat and watch the cards come out. I had a guy sitting in the #6 seat and he was doing very well in reading the dealer and saying what was going to happen. He wasn't counting cards or at least I couldn't figure it out. He did play either $10, 20, and 50 dollars at a time. I just kept watching him and playing like he was playing. There wasn't much difference though in our style of play. He was very sure of himself and was not afraid to show it at the table. Overall it was a fun evening and I even got Players Card so when I go back I may even get some comps. WhooHoo.

I did walk over and watched the 3 card poker table and the ultimate poker table game. I couldn't sit down since there were no seats to be had. I would like to play and learn the game. It seems simple enough. At Jokers Casino they have a 4 card poker table.

I have been reading the book Phil Gordon's little green book. I find it interesting and will probably reread it when I get done and see if I can pick up some pointers for the next poker night at Jokers on Wednesday.

Play to win.

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