Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Poker Night

This was not a bad showing after last week. I really enjoy the time playing poker, getting away from the other things going on in my life. This is 2 hours of concentrating on the players and the cards I have in front of me. I played tight again tonight and waited for the best cards. I did win a few hands that kept me in the game. Yes, I did make it to the final table again with my play and I was not a short stack. Now all I had to do was try to last till the end. One thing I also have to remember is you have to play to be able to win. I threw away K9 and the flop came out 99x. Wow, that would have helped my chip count a little bit. I tend to raise after I make a hand on the flop and not raise before the flop. I don't like to put money out there and know that I my hand is not made yet.

There were 20 players that started and I ended up being 7th. I figure I am doing well just need to get into the money. I went all in with pocket 8's and the other player ended up with 2 pair. I needed chips at this point and I was looking for something to help me. It didn't happen.

I will be in Auburn on Friday and I plan to play either 4 card poker or will play some blackjack. My sister will be with me. We will have some fun.

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