Monday, December 11, 2006

Home Game

I was invited to play tonight in a $5 home game. I did very well tonight. I was able to play the people as well as the cards tonight. I even bluffed on one hand tonight and pulled it off. I had an A8 and the other player had A10. I put $2000 into the pot and she couldn't pull the trigger. If she would have called me I would have lost the hand. She knew she was bluffed when I showed the cards. That in itself was a perfect setup against her. The next time I went all in she decided to call me and I had 2 pair to her pair. I doubled up. I played very good hands throughout the evening. I had to change my playable cards when it got down to 3 of us left. At that point we decided to give 3rd place money. I just kept pushing and was building chips. Finally the offer was made to split the pot 3 ways. We all decided to do that. That was a nice split. Lets hope this will carry over to Wednesday night. This felt good.

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