Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Poker Night

I really enjoy the Wednesday night poker game at Jokers Casino. Tonight we had about 32 to 34 people in the tournament. There were 3 tables going with some alternates. My play is tight and when I have a hand I will start raising and try to take the pot. Early in the tournament I was not getting any hands and I felt I was going to be going home early. I was down to 1300 in chips and I needed to start moving. I got KK and felt like this was the moment to move. On the flop came xKx. I was all in at this moment. The turn was x and the river was a K. I just wished I had more to put in the pot. I had 5 callers when I went all in. This was going to be big. When we turned them over everyone saw the Quad K's. Wow, what a hand and I really needed it. I did get to the final table. I finally got down to 1500 in chips and with the blinds at 2000/4000 it was time to go all in. I had pocket Q's. Would they hold up. Nope, I ended up going out in 7th place tonight. I think that makes the 2nd week in a row for 7th place.

My play is tight and I play the best hands. The people at the Casino are getting used to me know and know that I will only play if I have a hand. They are even calling my cards when I raise according to what is on the table. I may change my style of play and try to loosen up a bit to see if I can start taking people off of their hands and maybe start stealing blinds. I have been showing my hands as well. They can see that I only play the best hands. Maybe I will try it on one hand next week. I will also need to start not showing my hands to hide what I am doing.

I would really enjoy playing more than once per week. I really feel I could learn more by playing more. I know that since I started playing at the Casino my play has gotten better. I am getting used to the people around me and the dealers call me by my name now. For me this is a good way to just get away from the every day things that go on with my personal life. I do have a lot of fun for the 2 hours that I am playing in this tournament.

Until the next time I play....... Have fun.

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